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Professional EV Charger Installation Covering the UK

Home EV Charger Installation

Bringing you a greener future

Renewable UK Solutions Ltd stands out as the top provider of Electric Vehicle Charger Installations. We are your Number 1 choice for EV Charger installations across the United Kingdom, committed to assisting both households and businesses in their efforts towards a more sustainable future. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, emphasising efficiency and cost-effective solutions. With extensive experience in the field, we prioritise customer satisfaction and strive for excellence in all that we do.

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We offer a range of services and benefits that set us apart as the perfect option for all your EV charging needs.

Affordable & Cost-Effective Pricing

Renewable UK Solutions Ltd recognises the significance of affordability to our customers. This is why they provide competitive pricing and budget-friendly options, ensuring that affordable EV charger installations are accessible to all without compromising on quality.

Hassle-Free Installation

& Set-Up

Our skilled technicians ensure that the installation of your new EV charger is a seamless process. The straightforward installation procedure we follow ensures a fast and easy setup for your new charger.

20 Years of


At Renewable UK Solutions Ltd, our team consists of highly-trained technicians who are prepared to provide assistance and advice whenever needed. With their knowledge and experience, our technicians specialise in the installation and maintenance of EV chargers, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of your charger.

Reasons to consider a home
EV Charger

3 Key factors to motivate you to choose a home EV Charger Installation

Conveniently on your door step

Increases value of your property

Complete control through our free app


Solar panels can be utilised to power your electric vehicle charger.

The solar energy source is good for the home, the environment, and your wallet

Electric Charging Station

Commercial EV Charger Installation

Commercial EV Charger installation brings more customers

Renewable UK Solutions Ltd offers a range of commercial EV charger solutions. Our power boxes are designed to accommodate charger cables, allowing you to cater to electric vehicle owners of any model.

Based on recent research, it is projected that electric cars will account for 48% of all new car sales worldwide by 2030. By investing in an electric vehicle charging station, you will be ensuring the longevity and sustainability of your business for the future.

Please contact us via phone or email to schedule a consultation and assessment, to ensure that we can successfully install an electric vehicle charger at your premises.

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