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solar panles on a house

Solar Panel Installation & Battery Storage

We offer installations across all of the UK.

Avoid energy price rises
with solar energy

Solar Energy is free forever

Renewable UK Solutions Ltd - a leading solar provider. We specialise in not only installing top-quality solar panels but also offering cutting-edge battery storage solutions. With our advanced battery technology, you can store surplus energy generated by your solar panels for use during peak hours or at night, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power source for your home or business.

We offer high-quality solar panels and support a more eco-friendly and sustainable tomorrow.

Embrace solar energy to decrease your carbon footprint and reap long-term financial rewards. Although enhancing your home with reliable solar panel system may not be sufficient, which is why we provide high quality storage solutions. Our competitively priced packages include both solar panels and battery storage options and can be installed across the whole of the UK.


Get the best deals on Solar installations with Renewable UK Solutions Ltd - the most competitive prices in the UK

Price starting from, subject to survey.

from £5,995

  • 4.3Kw Solar

  • Includes installation

  • 10 x all black solar panels

 from £8,495

  • 4.3Kw Solar 

  • 5.32Kw Battery

  • 10 x all black solar panels

  • Includes installation

  •  Battery Storage 

  • 6Kw Solar Pv

  • 5.32Kw Battery

  • 14 x all black solar panels

  • Includes installation

  •  Battery Storage 

from £9,995

** Some option may include bird protection, scaffolding, and exceptional warranties included in the price **

Why Solar

3 Key factors to motivate you to choose solar power

Cut your electricity bills

Reduce your carbon footprint

Earn money for extra energy you generate

Battery storage solutions 

Store it up, power it later

The game has been changed by the ground-breaking arrival of home battery storage! Now, you can store any excess solar energy generated during the day and use it when the sun goes down.

If you are considering the installation of solar panels, we strongly suggest exploring battery storage systems to maximize your investment. Our range of batteries come in various sizes to suit different properties, and we are ready to provide expert advice upon reaching out to us.

In addition to solar panels, we offer comprehensive packages that include battery storage systems. This all-inclusive solution covers full installation, ensuring your home has a complete energy storage setup.

Furthermore, we are able to conduct maintenance checks on the solar panels while they are still under warranty.


Solar energy can be utilised to power your electric vehicle charger.

Save money and the planet by driving electric.

Discover the wonders of solar energy through our high quality Solar Panels

Renewable UK Solutions is here to offer you a free quote today from our team of experts with over 20 years of experience. Give us a call now to get your free quote!

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